Summer came, the march started!

  • Gloria
  • 30 Jun 2018
  • Tourism and leisure

June ends and we start a new month. June was the starting gun, a month to test myself. To see how the proposals and objectives started in September were being configured. Yes, why for me, the proposals around my work start this month. Traditionally in January we make ourselves the good resolutions of the year, but for me, September is January.

In September, when the holiday theme is already low, I start planning the next season, and from January, I start to get down to work, so in June, just when we begin the tourist season, I see how my plans are going, and if actions or attitudes have to be modified or redirected. And so on, until a new cycle begins again. Having things a little controlled, even if it seems impossible, is necessary so as not to get lost along the way. Above all I speak for myself, I am easily dispersed, since I love to play a thousand keys at once.

Every business, no matter how much they tell you how beautiful, how rewarding it is to be an entrepreneur, what we have always said as an entrepreneur, is not a relaxed or simple task. It must be worked from minute zero. And even then, sometimes things don't go as you initially thought, that's why I think planning and monitoring are so necessary to see if this vacation project is going in the right direction. With the warmth you already start to breathe on vacation. Just at the beginning of the summer solstice in Coma-ruga you begin to perceive that feeling of summer, holidays, change of pace. There is no school anymore, the day is longer and we all want to go out and enjoy the new cycle.

Parties, festivals, festivals, anything goes for fun, and it works. You can see how on the promenade full of tourists walking, in the difficulty of parking, in trying to get a place in a restaurant without reservation, or simply in making a purchase in the nearest supermarket. But this is part of the charm of summer, the people, the diversity of people that we can welcome in our summer cycle. For me, the maximum transfer season begins between the entrances and exits of the apartments that I run with so much enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and determination I am not lacking. I like what I do. It makes me happy to make my guests happy. I strive to pay the utmost attention so that they are as comfortable as possible, as free as possible, that they can roam around the patio, at their leisure. Chatting, relaxing with a cool beer, while watching the kids play. I like that they can come and go without restrictions.

Make them feel at home. A standard that I demand of myself! Do not disturb with my presence. I want them to be intimate, that's why I become a transparency. I am when they need me. Here is the grace, to be, without being. Even what, do not think that I am made of stone, because if they give me a foot, I always have time to participate in their talks, get to know each other, laugh, exchange cultures, and make friends. For me it is my great prize, to make friends, who repeat their stay, over and over again. Personal treatment counts, it is the maximum value that one can offer, it is my difference. Leave a good memory, of our territory, of your stay in Yola, of ourselves. This is the key to choosing us. But without a doubt, to make it effective and lasting, we must plan the what, the who and the how we want to be, and review it every June. The balance, at the moment could not be more grateful.


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