How we organize clothes at home

  • Gloria
  • 19 Feb 2018
  • Order and organization

In my childhood memories I see how my mother and grandmother are sewing and embroidering white clothes. Garments made of undyed cotton yarn, or bleached before spinning, embroidered by hand, sometimes by machine, or with bobbin lace, or also festoons, were one hundred percent handmade pieces. Infinity of hours intervened in its preparation. Garments, which today, surely, due to their scarcity, have become museum pieces. At that time, as a child, it was still considered that every young woman should have her trousseau destined for her future home, and my house was a point of reference among families with marriageable daughters. In the houses it was common to allocate a single space for storage and display. It is not surprising, then, that sheets, towels and tablecloths also occupied a place of honor. As I have mentioned, I grew up between seams, therefore, I have always had a special weakness for household linen. I believe that a house dressed in well-kept, beautiful and comfortable clothing does not go out of style, apart from remaining a necessity. In my house I have always surrounded myself with the so-called "white clothes", although many times this is colored, and I do not hesitate to wear it whenever I have the opportunity. At Yola apartments I also have the pleasure of putting into practice my weakness and experience in this field. Offering my guests our best service is an important premise for us. But for this you have to have well organized and cared for household linen. It is essential for us that our clients have the feeling of being at home. I understand that today we are much more practical, and white clothing like the one I have described is out of circulation. Besides, I am aware that the current pace of life and the size of the houses is not at all favorable to maintain their care and storage as it was in the last century. Now, the duvet covers, the fabrics without iron, the printed prints, have displaced, the daily use of the white clothes of yesteryear. However, we still like having a variety of clothes at home. Therefore, what has not changed anything, is that we still need a specific place to organize and order our modern “white clothes”.


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