• Gloria
  • 24 Ago 2018
  • Personal reflections

When I woke up this morning I had a strange feeling, the rising day was not like everyone. There was something strange about the environment, something that wouldn't let me jump out of bed with my usual energy.

I noticed that laziness kept me between the sheets. But it won my will and the desire to live the day. Without thinking. I started my morning chores. My coffee, flipping through the information on the latest news. I looked out the window. I noticed the silence. Savoring every second of that mysterious peace, when the world does not yet exist. Occasionally, broken by a passing car, or by the noise of the garbage truck.

It is my favorite time of day, when this is born. Just as the street lights close, giving way to the faint rays of dawn. But today, today, it was different. Today is goodbye day. I have never liked to say goodbye, I prefer one until soon. Although I know, it is not up to us. The circumstances of life are what rule, and not our good will. Today I saw the swallows gathering, waiting for their moment to leave, and I realized that summer is drawing to a close.


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