Thank You

  • Gloria
  • 19 Feb 2018

In our first post I informed you of our name and our logo. Now we have our website up and running, and see you on some of the most prominent tourist accommodation portals such as Tripadvisor, Niumba, etc. We are walking the path we have set for ourselves. I can not ignore and take the post to thank you for the interest you have shown us. The apartments are entering their final phase of set-up for our guests. Summer is almost around the corner and we already have reservations. Thank you. We are happy with the result, the apartments reflect our purpose: Offering the public comfortable, cheap, pleasant, family accommodation. We take personal care of all the details, cleaning, check-in / out, doubts, guidelines, advice, prescriptions. We want to help you have a happy vacation stay. In the end, our house will be yours for a few days, that we can ask for more, but that you take a good memory of us.


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