Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

  • Gloria
  • 17 Jun 2018
  • Order and organization

"Procrastination, or postponement, is the action or habit of delaying activities or situations that must be addressed, replacing them with other more irrelevant but more pleasant situations." Wikipedia I am quite clear that in most cases procrastination is guaranteed when we have little free time and half, or more, must be dedicated to the care and organization of our home. The larger the disorder and accumulation, the more inversely proportional is procrastination. And I wonder why in many cases the house has become an uncomfortable and overwhelming place? A messy house falls on us like a heavy slab. Being too long locked up in it overwhelms us. We have to go out and breathe, ventilate our minds, catch air to be able to return to our routine, procrastinated work, over and over again. The daily chore bores us. Why? Because, in general, it takes away the little leisure time we have.

And, in particular, it must be said, the taste for caring, cleaning, pampering our house has been lost, it sounds old. True? Today the woman works, the man works, and if there are no third parties to remedy and participate in cleaning and management, the tasks of the house are at the expense of both. Women said enough! And we went out to work outside the home. New male generations have entered the house. What if! Household chores are shared, they no longer have a gender. But in most cases what happens? I have observed, as my mother would say, that some, for the others, the house without sweeping, that is: Procrastination is here!

And with it, accumulation and disorder. In some cases, to such an extent that you are either a management crack, and you plan your organization and daily cleaning plan with your partner, or you end up succumbing. The theme is sharpened when there are young children on stage. And they, our male accomplices, it is not for lack of will, they do what they can, and we must applaud it. But, it is that in most cases, nobody taught them to take a scourer, or explain that you first have to sweep before scrubbing, or what corners exist, flat surfaces are not all to leave things and that it is better to pick up Every time we use something, we don't do it after a few weeks.

At this point, I leave you my reflection on the subject. Since my experience is born from the passage of time, and by my particular vision of order. I have always had an enormous attraction to everything related to creating a home, taking care of it and maintaining it, perhaps now I can help with my experience. Thanks to my small vacation rental project, I have been fortunate to extend my house, my way of doing things, to the exterior. This opportunity has been like the multiplication of the loaves and the fish.

A joy. I have turned my house into eight projects, eight homes where I give myself, as a matter of course, in the task of rebuilding, optimizing, caring for and organizing. So are my apartments. My reflection. They are what I am. What I like, and what I offer to my guests. A comfortable place with a feeling of home. I feel enormously fortunate to be able to do what I like and the result shows. I want my guests to feel the affection behind each room, each corner of what is their home for a few days.

My secret, to combat procrastination is simple, but it must be kept in mind from the roots. Living with what is fair, avoiding duplication, in everything. Every thing, every genre of things, has to have its own place. Surround ourselves with fair objects, those that make up our personal identity, those that we really like. Empty, useless, ugly drawers, cabinets, furniture and fixtures, collected over time. And that's it! Let the air flow, let the energy flow through our house. As simple as that! ... I would like to know, if you put it into practice, how are you doing?


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