See with the heart

  • Gloria
  • 19 Feb 2018
  • Tourism and leisure

"Here is my secret: only with the heart can you see well. The essential is invisible to the eyes." The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry As the most translated story in the world tells us, what really matters are the emotions imprinted on the memory. This is the expression that identifies my feelings in relation to my favorite place, Coma-ruga. At Coma-ruga, I have found the necessary imprint to continue filling my life with new emotions and experiences. In my summer refuge. At YOLA apartments, I have my future plans, at the same time, I try to fill my present with happy moments. It is something I have learned over time! Without those moments there is no future. Yola's excellent location gives me the necessary margin to be able to work and enjoy at the same time. Advantages of living so close to the sea, even for a small season. I am convinced that, without the sea, without my beach, my life would not be the same. Being so close to her awakens in me a host of emotions that I want to share with you. Do you fancy Would you like to live the experience? Let me tell you! Every morning, if time permits, before the hustle of the day begins, the silence of the night breaks with the bustle of the guests, preparing for their excursions, visits, or outings to the beach, I prepare to do my morning tour. I need to recharge my spirit with the positive energy that communing with nature gives you. I need the peace of mind that the sea brings me, fill my mind only with the roar of the waves, feel the smell of saltpeter, feel the harsh touch of wet sand ... Just up, every morning, I direct my steps towards the promenade. The first runners, already run down the wide promenade, a cyclist, and little else. I set course towards the seashore, I cross the riuet, (who does not know it, they are thermal sweet waters that flow into the sea) a differential attraction of our beach. I choose unconsciously to walk south. The port is behind me. I walk and walk, meanwhile, I watch the machines working, filtering the sand. In a few hours the first bathers will occupy the beach. Seagulls hover in a group, searching for prey. On the shore lie shells, polished stones from rolling, small pieces of wood, remains of plant life. I follow my path, with my feet bathed by the waves, I feel the current as it drags the sand out to sea, it unbalances me, it makes me fragile. I have trouble walking but I don't care. Suddenly, I feel the heat on my back, the sun is already high. A long time ago I walk and decide to return. I turn around, and marveling at the bright sun reflecting in the sea as if thousands of stars covered like a blinding blanket my beloved Coma-ruga beach. Deep breath. I have no words As a friend says: I observe, admire and shut up.


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