With order and success

  • Gloria
  • 19 Feb 2018
  • Order and organization

In fact, ordering has always been, without being aware of it, one of my favorite chores. Order has always been an important part of my work, at home, in my life. I carry it so assumed under the skin that without realizing it everything has to be under his control. Order and organization make me feel at peace with my inner self. For me it has become essential. Failing that, I cannot think, I get blocked and I am reduced to nothing. I admit it, I'm a bit heavy, I feel overwhelmed living in chaos. It causes me anxiety. Me sick. I am a maniac of the organization and sometimes I can be overwhelming for those around me. I have gone to extremes of advocating order among friends and family, offering them my services simply by taking them to my field, convincing them of the virtues of order. In Yola I have found where to expand. I suppose, that is why it has become, in part, one of my vital objectives from the first moment I took charge of this vacation project. I am excited to see how each accommodation looks before the arrival of a new client. I feel in glory! So, this summer I have given myself the pleasure of tinkering between sheets, towels, kitchen pots, and all the various things that make my clients' stay more pleasant. I have ordered and reorganized, among the spaces I have, all kinds of belongings to offer a service that reflects my way of being. Getting everything back to its place after a stay is challenging. Each client makes their accommodation their personal reflection, therefore, for a few days it is their home, so they organize it in their own way. At the end of each stay it is quite a challenge to rebuild. You can assume that work has not been lacking. And how I enjoyed it. This first season of Yola apartments leaves in my credit a positive evaluation. When it comes to customer satisfaction, too. I am happy with the result. This is shown by the fact that I already have a good number of reservations for next year. It certainly fills me with joy, it gives me the strength to continue advancing in this project. To continue reforming the set. Adding new services. In short, moving forward with Yola holiday apartments is my goal. Offer in each room, in every corner, a little of me. Also, open new options and possibilities related to what makes me feel good. See you soon ah! And if you are overwhelmed by the disorder and do not know how to deal with it, here I am to help. Thanks for reading me.


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