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General information to comply with Internet Law 34/2002

Owner: ALOY PLANAS GESTIO S.L. with the C.I.F. 55,707,616

Responsible: Gloria Planas Aleu

Telephone: +34 977 665 664

E mail: info@yolaapartaments.com

Aloy Planas Gestió S.L. is the owner of the domain name and internet pages that are accessed through the address https://www.yolaapartaments.com

Registration data: Registered in the Commercial Registry of Tarragona: Registration 1, Volume 3019, Book 0, Sheet T 51525


1.- As a provider of the services, Yola Apartaments of Aloy Planas Gestió SL, is obliged to provide the services offered on this website, to effectively ensure the secrecy of the communications established therein with its users, as well as to respond to them, all claims that may arise.

2.- In case of carrying out operations of maintenance, repair, updating or improvement of services, you have the right to suspend temporarily and without prior notice the accessibility to this website, and also to reserve the right to provide or cancel the services. services; nevertheless, it will try to inform the users whenever the circumstances allow it.

3.- The subsequent use that users may make of the services and / or data and / or of the information contained and supplied to them from the web will be at the user's own risk.

Yola Apartaments of Aloy Planas Gestió SL does not guarantee, directly or indirectly, the information or services offered by third parties, except those of their own and that are guaranteed under the applicable laws and have to be granted, and in turn are explicitly described in an agreement between Yola Apartaments, of Aloy Planas Gestió SL, and the user. As it would be the case in the booking and vacation rental, through the web, its confirmation, and its subsequent payment.

Therefore, Yola Apartaments, Aloy Planas Gestió SL, does not guarantee the content provided, if appropriate, by third parties, nor guarantees the veracity, reliability, accuracy, timeliness or convenience of the information provided by the destination that users make or any other person accessing the web.


1.- Yola Apartaments of Aloy Planas Gestio S.L, does not guarantee the availability and continuity of operation of this website and its services.

In this way, it is excluded from any liability for damages of any kind that may arise from the lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the website and its services and the utility that users may have attributed to this website .

In any case, the company and limited company may make every effort to improve, maintain and ensure the continuity of the website.

2.- Yola Apartaments, of Aloy Planas Gestio S.L, makes available to users the privacy systems of personal data that prevent access to them by third parties. Yola Apartaments of Aloy Planas Gestió S.L, has implemented all technical and organizational security measures that guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and availability of personal data provided by users.

In this sense, the company disclaims all responsibility for the damages and prejudices caused in the event that knowledge of these data occurred.

3.- Even having implemented all the appropriate measures to guarantee security in this matter, it does not control, nor guarantees the absence of viruses or other elements in the contents of this website that could produce alterations in the computer system (equipment, programs ) of the user or in the electronic documents and files stored in his computer system.

Yola Apartaments, of Aloy Planas Gestio SL, disclaims any liability for damages of any nature that may be due to the presence of viruses in the content and that may cause alterations in computer systems and electronic documents, files, etc. .

4.- As well as the aforementioned company and limited company, it has no obligation, and does not control the use that users can make of its website, or the services or content it provides. In particular, Yola Apartaments of Aloy Planas Gestió SL, does not guarantee that the users use the website, its services and its contents according to the General Conditions of use and, if applicable, the Particular Conditions resulting from the application, nor that Do it properly or prudently.

Yola Apartaments by Aloy Planas Gestió S.L. neither has the obligation to verify, and does not do so, the identity of the users that browse its website, nor does it verify the veracity, validity, completeness and / or authenticity of the data that these users provide about themselves, or from one to the other.

5.- The user accepts that the portal has been created and developed in good faith by Yola Apartaments of Aloy Planas Gestió SL, with the information coming from internal and external sources and that offers them in its current state to the users, for good which may contain inaccuracies and errors. Therefore, the user exonerates the company and limited company of any responsibility in relation to the reliability, usefulness, or false expectations that the portal could produce during the user's navigation through it.


All the rights and content of this website belong to Yola Apartaments of Aloy Planas Gestió S.L and are protected by national and international norms of intellectual and industrial property.

The design, images, maps, graphics, brands, texts, labels, distinctive signs or logos of Yola Apartaments and Aloy Planas Gestió SL, the frames, the banners, the programs and all their codes, sources and objects, etc.

The contents of this website are owned by the company and the aforementioned limited company, which is the legitimate and exclusive holder of the exploitation rights.

The user accessing this website may not copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, assign, sell the elements mentioned above, or create new products or services derived from the information obtained without mentioning the origin.

Only the visualization and loading for personal and non-commercial use of the user is authorized, without it being able to be extended to third parties.



The alteration of the content or the structure of this website by the user is strictly forbidden.


Yola Apartaments, by Aloy Planas Gestió S.L, will monitor so that the contents of this website are not pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist, defamatory or that encourage violence. In the same way it will try to avoid any circumstance that could be harmful for the users.


The personal data that the user of this website can provide and therefore become part of an automated file owned by the company and limited company, with the aim of being able to receive timely information regarding activities, offers and services of Yola Apartments will be protected according to current regulations.


The personal data of the user will be treated confidentially and will not be transferred to third parties. In any case, the user may exercise the rights of opposition, access, ratification or cancellation in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 of December, of Protection of Personal Data by contacting Aloy Planas Gestió SL, with company name C / Montserrat, no 6, Bajos, El Vendrell, 43700 Tarragona, or directly to email, aloyplanansgestio@aloyplanasgestio.com.


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In the event that this web page may contain links or links to others, no third party may establish a "framing" relationship between its web pages and our website.

Portals or websites, not managed by Yola Apartaments, of Aloy Planas Gestió S.L, we declare that it will not exercise any control over this portal or website, nor will it be responsible for the contents. The links that this website may offer will only be referential or informative, without any kind of assessment of content, owners, services, or products offered by it.

In any case, Yola Apartaments, Aloy Planas Gestió S.L, is exempt from all responsibility in relation to the services provided by third parties, against any claim of any nature and claims that may be filed in relation to these third-party services.


If any clause of these General Conditions of navigation and use of the website is declared totally or partially null or ineffective, it will affect only the provision or the referred party that is null or ineffective, so that in all the rest exposed will subsist, such as the remaining general conditions, and the provision or the part of it that is affected will be considered unexposed, except that, because it is essential to the general conditions, it would affect the content in an integral way.


These General Conditions of use and navigation, as well as any relationship between the user and Aloy Planas Gestió S.L, will be governed by Spanish legislation.

For any litigation arising from the existence or content of these General Conditions or the relationship between the user and Aloy Planas Gestió SL, the two parties, expressly waiving any other sovereign concession that may correspond to them, will be subject to the jurisdiction and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of El Vendrell.


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