Yola apartments

  • Gloria
  • 24 Abr 2020

What is it, or who is Yola? Well, Yola is a family business, and even if it looks like a woman's name, I assure you it is not. It is a tribute to our predecessors, and what would be, if not, the best offering to get these apartments to recover the laughter, the joys, in short, the life of times gone by. For this reason we have turned them into a personal project. Which makes us a tremendous illusion put at your disposal.

Being able to bring Yola accommodation to all those who want, for a few days, a simple, economical, comfortable accommodation, close to one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Dorada, this may be your holiday accommodation. Hospitality and good service, we promise that this is our mission. By sharing with you our illusion in this first post, we are taking the first steps to achieve the goal.

Let our house, also be yours for a few days.


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